Is hair alive? Holistic Haircare & Remedies

Is hair alive? Holistic Haircare & Remedies

To put it simply, YES! Hair is part of the integumentary system which is one of your largest organ systems. This system includes your skin, hair, nails, and exocrine glands.  So basically speaking your hair is alive and it has several layers of tissues and membranes working together to feed the hair follicles as they grow.

Hair is an external representation of a complex integumentary network

This network functions best when it's well nourished, hydrated and protected.  So when we use chemicals or expose our hair to harsh elements like pollution, this organ system starts malfunctioning because it doesn’t have what it needs to operate because of the disruption to it's optimal state. Natural.  The hair becomes brittle and dry, leading to massive hair breakage and split ends. At this stage hair becomes visibly dishevelled and strained.  

Nourishing and deeply moisturising natural blends

Our product range is there to provide you a natural, safe and potent way of replenishing and repairing your hair to its optimum condition.  Using the world's best known ingredients and techniques we formulated our product range with information proven for generations by tribes dating back hundred's of years.  Took on the wisdom and built a collection of products that really nourish your hair.

 Rich hair butters to feed the membrane of hair follicles, growth oils to seal and nourish the hair tissue as well as the scalp, we have it all to get your hair back to it's best. Have you tried any of our amazing hair replenishment/repair products to realise optimum and holistic haircare?

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